Access to the Event

All Rope in the Rockies attendees must register for the event and be at least 18 years of age. A current, valid, government issued, picture ID must be presented at registration to obtain a badge and wristband.


Attendees must display their own badge at all times while in the event space. Failure to have the badge will result in expulsion from the space.


Both Ropes & Rings LLC and Studio Friction reserve the right to refuse registration or admission to Rope in the Rockies to anyone, with or without reason. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove any attendee at any time for any reason including but not limited to disruptive behavior, illegal behavior, intoxication, harassment, and violating the rules of the event as described here.

Event Guidelines

All activities at Rope in the Rockies are confidential. Do not discuss activities with non-participants without the prior consent of all involved.


All photography must be in compliance with the Photography Policy. NO VIDEO OR SOUND RECORDING IS ALLOWED except by previously designated Rope in the Rockies staff.


All Rope in the Rockies attendees, regardless of sex, must have genitals and nipples covered at all times while outside of the walls of Studio Friction. This includes the tents in the backyard. Within the walls of Studio Friction, any attire (or none) is allowed. If you plan on running around naked, please bring a towel or other personal object to sit on.


All activities that are illegal in Denver remain illegal at Rope in the Rockies. Failure to abide by the laws may result in notification of law enforcement in order to ensure the safety of attendees.


In the event of an emergency, staff members will direct you to the nearest safe exit, or provide additional instructions. Immediately end all scenes, and prepare to leave the building if necessary.


Do not alter or adjust any of the studio equipment. If you need something adjusted, please ask a staff member.


If you have questions about any of these guidelines, please ask any staff member. They are here to help. If something is prohibited, they may be able to offer alternatives for you.

Photography Policy

Photography is allowed but limited at Rope in the Rockies in certain circumstances:


During the workshops and open lab time: Attendees may photograph their own work using a cell phone, provided they have consent of everyone in the photo. SLR photography is not allowed unless explicitly stated otherwise (i.e. photography classes).


During the parties: Photography is not allowed.


Photography area: Cell phone and SLR photography is allowed, provided they have consent of everyone in the photo.


Capturing someone in a picture without their consent is a violation of this policy and the Consent & Harassment Policy and will be grounds for expulsion from the event.


By bringing a recording device into the space, you consent to having the device searched by Rope in the Rockies staff in the event that there is a question about compliance with the Photography Policy. Failure to comply with a search request may result in confiscation of the recording device.

Consent & Harassment Policy

Rope in the Rockies is committed to a safe and fun experience for all attendees. All activity should be consensual, both in and out of play, in both actions and language. Harassment of other attendees will absolutely not be tolerated. All attendees, staff, presenters, and performers are expected to treat others with respect and consideration including but not limited to the following:


  • Respect the identities of attendees as they are expressed.

  • Work towards creating non-coercive consent in all interactions.

  • Be thoughtful and aware of your actions and how they affect those around you. Respect the physical and mental space of scenes or dynamics.


Please see a staff member immediately if you believe your consent has been violated.

Prohibited & Restricted Activities

Exceptionally dangerous or messy activities are prohibited at Rope in the Rockies. This includes but is not limited to watersports, scat play, fire play (including candle-based wax play), breath play to the point of unconsciousness, and any play that might splatter blood or other bodily fluids on other attendees. The determination of what constitutes “exceptionally dangerous or messy” is at the staff’s discretion. If you have questions, see a staff member.


Recreational drugs including marijuana are prohibited at Rope in the Rockies. Alcohol is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside Studio Friction. Please smoke and vape outside and in designated areas only.


If your blood alcohol level or other substances would affect the safety of a scene, the comfort of an attendee, or the safety of the group, we will ask you to remove yourself from the area.


Play and other activities which cause damage to the venue are prohibited. It is the responsibility of the individual attendee to provide and use drop cloths for any play involving blood, saline inflations, or other forms of play that may be messy.


Play scenes are restricted to the main play area. Refrain from any kind of non-vanilla play including pinching, fondling, spanking, rough body play, humiliation play, fornophilia, or similar activities while in the Introvert Area, the backyard, and outside Studio Friction. Remember that Rope in the Rockies attendees are representative of the kink community, and please be polite and discreet.


Notify a staff member before any edge play. Examples of edge play include consensual non-consent, blood and needle play, and other scenes where special precautions must be observed for safety reasons. Staff members are responsible for monitoring all play spaces to ensure equipment and attendee safety, and compliance with the rules of the event.



These rules were last updated on 4.16.18.