pandoradreams & VinoRosa

Denver, CO

Pandoradreams began her rope journey back in 2010, when she wanted nothing more to be tied up every day.  She began exploring her bottoming side, bottoming for rope at every opportunity for play, photography, practice, and performance. She became so enthralled with rope bottoming that she created and instructed some of Denver’s first classes geared towards rope bottoming. As a bottom, she performed at Morpheus’ Bondage Extravaganza in Toronto and San Francisco, at Exile Fetish Ball, Denver Sanctuary, and Voodoo Leatherworks.  After about 2 years of hardcore bottoming, she picked up the rope herself and began learning to tie, and has since has the privilege of learning from such rope artists as Barkas, Gorgone, and Pedro Cordas. Nowadays, she considers herself a top-heavy rope switch with a passion for educating, performing, and rope photography. Because of her experience on both sides of the slash, she constructs her classes with both top and bottom in mind, and aims to provide information for both roles.  She is the current education coordinator for Denver Rope Bite and the Education Director for Rope in the Rockies. She teaches classes regularly in the Denver and Fort Collins area, and tries to educate her community at every opportunity. She has performed as a top at Deviant, Ominous, Exile Fetish Ball, and Denver Sanctuary, and regularly makes beautiful rope photography art with her muse and collaborator, VinoRosa, and Gmark Photography.

VinoRosa has been a member of the public kink community since 2014 and fetish/art nude modeling since 2013. Prior to that she spent time playing in private and had bought her first set of nylon ropes to play with at home. Shibari has been and remains to this day a huge part of her kinky life. While it’s not all she likes to do it does have a significant impact with her.


Since her first real explorations into kink she has been a voracious knowledge seeker, always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and learn from others. Additionally, she has become engaged in teaching the local community about rope. She has a passion for helping bottoms find their voice and guiding tops through the rope journey with their bottoms.


Shibari to her is like a dance between two people, requiring trust from both parties and plenty of communication. Her experience in healthcare has become a beneficial aspect in her teachings allowing for an insight that others may not have.