Boulder, CO

Hailing from a small town in Canada, athena grew up as the “good girl” who followed all of society’s rules– or at least, skillfully avoided getting caught breaking them.

Despite a valiant effort, athena flunked out as a Stepford Wife and wound up in Colorado where she carefully crafted the 180 of her old life. She has rounded out the last four years exploring power exchange, polyamory, giggly masochism, and plenty of time in rope. With an insatiable appetite for growth, exploration, and discovery, she has found sexuality transformative in the way she relates to others, cares for herself, and pursues an adventurous life.

A consent enthusiast, passionate feminist, and relational junkie, athena has shared this passion with others over the last four years, teaching about relationship dynamics, sexuality, feminism, kink, and personal transformation in cities across the United States.