Your Body in Rope: Exploit Your Limitations

1:00 - 2:30pm
All Abilities
Bottom Focused


Every body is a rope body; but physical, psychological, and medical conditions can sometimes stand in the way of us being able to freely practice as the rope tops or bottoms that we wish to be. While our limitations can sometimes feel isolating and restrictive, they can also serve as opportunities to make new discoveries of a better way of doing something. This class will be an exploration of those opportunities through a sharing of the collective knowledge and experiences of the Rope in the Rockies community. Maybe you have a joint prone to dislocation, anxiety, or have been diagnosed with a blood clot…whatever your experience, come with your fantastic body and come as an expert. Because confessing perceived weaknesses can be a vulnerable practice, we will start with an opener that will allow for introductions of all attendees (so this class will also be a great way to get to know who you will be bumping into all weekend). What follows will take on a facilitated, group-led, question/response format with the goal of discussing examples of limitations, when feasible the biochemical rationale for what may be occurring, and some options for troubleshooting.


Sharing and participation are encouraged, they are not required. Riggers should bring their kit of rope in case of the need to use it for demonstrative purposes, but the majority of the class will be discussion-based and partners are not needed for participation.