Tying without Patterns

Rigger Odys & Ferox
10:00 - 11:30am
Hands On
Top & Bottom Focused


We often hear phrases - "rope is just a tool", "Tie your partner, not ropes"... Yet what do these phrases mean? How do we step away from seemingly tying for practice and use rope to play and connect with your partner? In this class we will explore ways of tying without patterns. We will begin with reviewing: - rope fundamentals and simple technique to applying them - basic tying techniques: single/double column ties, reverse tension, frictions and uplines We will then apply these concepts and techniques to explore: - starting a rope scene: understanding space around your partner and setting out an intent - using rope to silently communicate your intent - body positions for arms/legs/combination:gote (hands behind back); futomomo (ankle tied to a thigh), kataashi(one leg opened) to explore concepts of shame and exposure in ropes


Basic rope safety for both partners, knowledge of fundamental tying techniques is recommended but not required for tops; Tools: 4-5 hanks of 8m ropes.