The EuphoRion Harness

ShesANatural & Conroy
ShesANatural & Conroy
2:45 - 4:15pm
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In Greek mythology, Euphorion was the child of Achilles and Helen. Achilles being the strongest warrior and Helen being the most beautiful woman. The EuphoRion Harness is a blend of an arms in takate kote and an arms out chest harness. EuphoRion brings together some of the strengths of a takate kote and some of the beauty of a chest harness. This hybrid harness was created for ShesANatural’s partner Rion, when they discovered the desire for a chest harness that worked well in torsion but did not impose on the nerves in the lower part of the upper arm. Unlike other arms out chest harnesses, the EuphoRion allows for upper body torsion without the ropes spinning on the upper body. And it allows for less pressure on the shoulders and less nerve impingement on the upper arm. This harness can be used for floor work, partials and suspensions.


A working knowledge of a non collapsing single column tie, frictions and knots. Working knowledge of a takate kote is helpful. 3+ hanks of rope - Rope category - no attendee limit