Redefining Community - A Bottom Focused Conversation

Sving & Subtly Bound
Sving & Subtly Bound
11:45am - 1:15pm
All Abilities
Bottom Focused


An emergent learning and engaging space for discussing bottoming topics and notions that we don’t always place focus on in our kink interactions. Co-facilitated by Subtlybound and Sving, we invite all people who do rope to attend this bottom-focused conversation. What defines community in relevance to those who practice rope, and how do we practice that in our kink networks? What are the effects on these self-defined communities when intentional spaces are created for bottoms to connect, learn, vet, discuss, and grow in ways that aren’t facilitated by tops? How do we build and define communities among those who bottom in ways that aid newcomers in gaining access to better wisdom and practices than those who have come before them? Inspired by deep discussions that each co-instructor has had with one another along with others in their individual kink journeys, they’re excited to host conversations that begin with curiosities such as these. They’re thrilled to offer an inclusive space with room for organic discussion development, vulnerable topics, and thought-provoking notions that we as a class group mull