Neutral Position Transitions

Lunatic Bound
Lunatic Bound
4:30 - 6:00pm
Hands On
Top Focused


When you read a story you don’t jump to the end. You go through the various steps, stages and scenes as the story unfolds around you. This class is focused on the concept of starting with neutral positions and how to move into and out of them increasing or decreasing the intensity of your scene incrementally until the story is finished. With both feet firmly on the floor and a stable chest line in place we will talk about how to add stress to various parts of the body and how returning to a neutral resting point can not only give your bottom the break they need but how it can expand your playbook of transitions.


A stable single column tie, basic frictions, a stable load bearing chest tie, and good up line management. You will need 6-10, 8 meter lengths of rope