Joint Locking and Loading

Sving & Subtly Bound
Sving & Subtly Bound
10:00 - 11:30am
Hands On
Top & Bottom Focused


Add accessible joint and body manipulation techniques to your practice and explore new possibilities in sustainable and restraining suspensions. Join us, as we experience together that communication can make or break an idea, especially when navigating such unpredictable outcomes. Loading fully extended limbs will expand the possibilities that you and your partner can create with rope, and provide new challenges to discover together.


Prerequisite knowledge includes a non-collapsing single column, good understanding of tensions and frictions, familiarity with appropriate lock offs, and suspension experience/comfort required to participate in suspension exercises. Those uncomfortable with suspension are welcome to observe those exercises or participate in an alternative partial exercise. Materials needed include a cutting tool and at least 3 hanks of rope or full suspension kit (recommended 12 hanks) if participating in suspension.