It Takes Two: Working Together as a Long Term Tying Pair

ShesANatural & Conroy
ShesANatural & Conroy
2:45 - 4:15pm
Hands On
Top & Bottom Focused


They say that two minds are better than one. Conroy and ShesANatural’s rope journey began 5 years ago. They have made a lot of mistakes and they have grown along the way. Realizing that 1) labbing 2) scenes and 3) creating/collaborating are three distinctly different sessions and atmospheres that add to the growth and connection to their long term tying partnership. They would like to share ideas on what these three different sessions look like and hopefully spark something that speaks to you. Conroy and ShesANatural will demo a bottom directed suspension sequence where Conroy collaborates with ShesANatural as she curates the next transition or change or position. This class will not be teaching pattern ties to the tops.


Suspensions experience and a working knowledge of proper upline tie offs. 10+ hanks of suspension worthy rope and suspension supplies. Ties and upline proficiency will be assessed by the presenters prior to allowing suspensions for the safety of the attendees. If ties do not fall within the risk profile of the presenters, attendee may be asked to audit that portion. Hard point needed for demo and attendee participation - Rope category - 10 tying pairs / no audit attendee limit