Improvised Harnesses

Sving & Subtly Bound
Sving & Subtly Bound
2:45 - 4:15pm
Hands On
Top & Bottom Focused


Gain exposure on what goes into constructing a harness personalized to your partner. No recognizable or repeatable pattern is found in this class; we will use body manipulation knowledge, nerve exposure, and sustainability points to tie our partners in surprising new ways from any conceivable (and tolerable) angle. Bring a creative mind, and let's explore together.


Prerequisite knowledge includes a non-collapsing single column, good understanding of tensions and frictions, familiarity with appropriate lock offs, and suspension experience/comfort required to participate in suspension exercises. Those uncomfortable with suspension are welcome to observe those exercises or participate in an alternative partial exercise. Materials needed include a cutting tool and at least 3 hanks of rope or full suspension kit (recommended 12 hanks) if participating in suspension.