Advanced Emotional Transitions

Rigger Odys & Ferox
11:45am - 1:15pm
Hands On
Top & Bottom Focused


Kinbaku is often understood is a way to tie a mind to free emotions. One of the most intense forms of binding one’s mind is torment rope (semenawa) This form of bondage forces complete emotional surrender which is achieved by the high endorphin release. Getting someone to such a state is a mutual and delicate journey, where the rope is minimal, almost faded to the background. In this class, we will explore how to use rope to achieve and induce semenawa emotions through the the use of levels. We will focus on a transition sequence with a chosen intent from floor to air by changing levels to reach the peak of the emotional intensity.


Basic rope safety and strong communication for both partners; for tops: fundamental tying techniques, two/three rope gote/TK/box tie, solid upline management, experience with horizontal, vertical and torsion static/dynamic suspensions, experience in pattern-free tying various components to achieve the desired levels/shapes with minimal supervision; understanding of body mechanics. for bottoms: experience with predicament bondage,